Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Detroit, Here I Come!

Best day ever! That's right, I will be in Detroit for the Final Four! Not only will I be in Detroit but I will in the Ford Field arena watching my beloved Tar Heels take on Villanova this Saturday! I know! And it's my birthday! My life will be complete at 22!

My roommate and I decided to sign up for the lottery for student tickets just in case, thinking we probably wouldn't get tickets. But we did! We didn't even think much about little things like how we would get there, where we would stay, etc. But it's looking like a road trip and we've booked a hotel.

I can hardly wait!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Brooks Brothers

The time has come for the final installment of Brooks Brothers' Spring 2009 collection. We've seen the Country Club and Resort lines. So, finally, here's the main line.

As usual, let's start with some Brooks' ads:


Three-Quarter Sleeve Argyle Sweater

I love this take on traditional argyle. It's modern and classic. The pink and white really works for me.

Stripe Short Sleeve Shell and Cardigan

This is my favorite sweater from all of Brooks' spring collections. It's navy (my favorite color), nautical-inpsired, and clean.

Tonal Floral Silk Dress

I really can't adequately describe just how much I love this dress. It's just gorgeous! The color, the cut, the pattern. Perfection.

Silk Chiffon V-Neck Dress

Classy little black dress. I love the floaty-ness of the skirt.

Golden Fleece and Canvas Flag Totes

I love large handbags, so I tend to be drawn toward totes and these are wonderful.

Argyle V-Neck Sweater

There's little that makes me happier than Carolina blue argyle!

BB#1 Repp Tie

Ah, the classic repp tie! This is the tie I bought for my brother for his birthday. I think it's gorgeous. I love the colors and it really pops with an oxford, sport coat, and pair of khakis.

Jumbo Tattersall Sport Shirt

I've really love these bright, plaid button down shirts.

Tennis Vest

I'm completely loving the sporting sweaters this season.

Patchwork Plain-Front Shorts

Madras never gets old! It's so youthful and vibrant.

All in all, Brooks really impressed me this spring across the board. I thought all three of the collections were incredibly well done. Long live spring!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Nautica

Looks like this is my first Nautica post. How exciting! Now, Nautica is well known for men's apparel, but recently the clothing brand has branched out into women's wear and they've really been advertising it. Check it out (click to enlarge):

True to form, Nautica goes straight for a classic, nautical inspired look. And I just love it!

Although I didn't actually include children's clothing in this post, I just loved this ad:

How sweet. Now, to the clothes!

Embroidered Yachting Shirt

A nice twist on a classic oxford.

Striped Sailor Sweater


Cotton-Cashmere Anchor Sweater

I just love how this looks, the way the stripes are inverted to make an anchor.

Stonington Canvas Jacket

How adorable is this jacket?! Seriously, I don't think they make jackets any cuter than this! The color, the cut, the stripes, it's all working for me.

Montauk Halter Dress

I really like the modern pattern here. It gives a distinctly geometric feel even though it's the most classic nautical icon: the sailboat!

Striped Knit Pier Dress

I prefer the cut of this dress moreso than the pattern, but it's still cute.

French Terry Cotton Rugby

Just a great, nautical-inspired, rugby.

Coastal Mockneck Pullover

Perfect for a summer evening!

Cotton Twill Cargo Short

Nice casual cargo.

Not too bad for a first showing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Lilly Pulitzer

Lately I've been obsessing over my post-graduation cruise (only two more months!), so I think it's time for some serious vacation wear. And who does bright and sunny better than Lilly Pulitzer?! No one, that's who! Just look at this ad from the Lilly website.

Gorgeous. Now, onto the main event!

Leno Weave Lenna Top

Crisp, summery halter. Love the bow over the keyhole neck.

Dalton Striped Cardigan

I love how this sweater looks over the Lenna shirt. Perfect for a cool breeze.

Scallops Betsey Dress

This dress is too cute for words. I especially love the white scallop embriodery on the pink shirt.

Embroidered Stripe Betsey Dress

Great color. And how adorable is the lemon detail?!

Tally Scallop Printed Swimsuit

Lilly has a lot of great swimsuits and this was one of my favorites. Love the colors (again with the blue and yellow!) and pattern. I also really loved this seersucker one (below) with the same lemon embroidery as the striped Betsey dress.

Regetta Crewneck Sweater


Girls Julia Embroidered Poplin Dress

Just precious! Who doesn't love pink and green?!

Girls Little Gloria Cardigan

This sweater would go perfectly with the Julia dress.

Boys Wellington Polo

Just a sweet, classic polo for boys.

Now I'm ready for my vacation! Is it May yet?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Ralph Lauren

I'm still experiencing the Great Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery of 2009, but the pain has gone, so yay for that! (Isn't Vicodin wonderful?!) Which means the spring fashion coverage can continue! Let's get to it.

The Classic-Fit Polo

Probably the most iconic and essential piece in the preppy wardrobe: the polo shirt. Ralph Lauren also has a slim fit version and a "create your own" version.

Classic Cricket Sweater

I love this sweater! She looks like she's ready for a great round of golf. Or cricket!

Crested Club Jacket

OK, so I have this thing about large emblems on shirts. In that, I hate them. Really hate them. I know I've mentioned this before in regard to Ralph Lauren's big pony fix. However, I make two exceptions because I have specific rules for when large emblems are acceptable. Exception #1: Blazers.

And I prefer the emblems to be of crests, seals, or shields. It's reminiscent of a prep school uniform, don't you think? And very equestrian.

So, what's Exception #2? Rugbys and other sport related articles of clothing.

Cleary Striped Cotton Dress

Striped Cotton Halter Dress

Just a couple of sweet spring dresses. I'm not particularly fond of the large crest on the green dress, but I still like the dress. Take that away and the dress is perfect.

Pima Cotton Crewneck

I just love this sweater and it comes in so many great colors! It's the perfect crewneck sweater.

Linen Heritage Sport Coat

Another example of why I love blue and yellow together. Gorgeous!

Argyle Cotton-Cashmere Sweater

Argyle. Need I say more?!

Patchwork Madras Sport Coat

Madras is love.

Cashmere Crested V-Neck

Cashmere cricket sweater!

Barx Deck Shoe

These are fabulous. They also come in brown with orange and navy at the heel. And suede.

Lander Canvas Deck Shoe

More madras! Don't you just love spring?!