Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Ralph Lauren

I'm still experiencing the Great Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery of 2009, but the pain has gone, so yay for that! (Isn't Vicodin wonderful?!) Which means the spring fashion coverage can continue! Let's get to it.

The Classic-Fit Polo

Probably the most iconic and essential piece in the preppy wardrobe: the polo shirt. Ralph Lauren also has a slim fit version and a "create your own" version.

Classic Cricket Sweater

I love this sweater! She looks like she's ready for a great round of golf. Or cricket!

Crested Club Jacket

OK, so I have this thing about large emblems on shirts. In that, I hate them. Really hate them. I know I've mentioned this before in regard to Ralph Lauren's big pony fix. However, I make two exceptions because I have specific rules for when large emblems are acceptable. Exception #1: Blazers.

And I prefer the emblems to be of crests, seals, or shields. It's reminiscent of a prep school uniform, don't you think? And very equestrian.

So, what's Exception #2? Rugbys and other sport related articles of clothing.

Cleary Striped Cotton Dress

Striped Cotton Halter Dress

Just a couple of sweet spring dresses. I'm not particularly fond of the large crest on the green dress, but I still like the dress. Take that away and the dress is perfect.

Pima Cotton Crewneck

I just love this sweater and it comes in so many great colors! It's the perfect crewneck sweater.

Linen Heritage Sport Coat

Another example of why I love blue and yellow together. Gorgeous!

Argyle Cotton-Cashmere Sweater

Argyle. Need I say more?!

Patchwork Madras Sport Coat

Madras is love.

Cashmere Crested V-Neck

Cashmere cricket sweater!

Barx Deck Shoe

These are fabulous. They also come in brown with orange and navy at the heel. And suede.

Lander Canvas Deck Shoe

More madras! Don't you just love spring?!

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