Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do You Believe in Redemption?

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. School has started again and I just had LASIK surgery, so I have been busy and then incapacitated (sort of). I will get back to the reguarly scheduled fashion posts as soon as possible (read: whenever I stop being lazy and get around to it).

Since my doctor forbade me from doing anything exciting for the weekend, I've been doing nearly nothing except listening/watching the coverage on Teddy Kennedy. Being of a younger generation, I wasn't exactly privy to the intimate details of lives of the Kennedys the way my mother and grandmother apparently are. But thanks to this weekend, I now know more than I ever needed/wanted to about the Kennedy family. I mean, I knew the family was known for its tragedies (JFK, RFK, Chappaquiddick, JFK Jr.), but I didn't know about Teddy's oldest brother who died in WWII, sister who suffered from a mental disability, his plane crash, role in the lives of Jack and Bobby's children, child stricken with bone cancer, divorce from a woman who battled with alcoholism, and failed presidential bid among other personal and family tragedies. I have a new appreciation for the theory of the "Kennedy curse." I can't imagine the enormous pressure he must have been under to not only live up to the expectations of his family, but, despite being the youngest child of Joe and Rose Kennedy, to act as it's de facto patriarch. It gave me a new perspective on the man. While he certainly wasn't perfect, he was most certainly human. Even though there are those who believe his mistakes rendered him beyond redemption, I think it is a testament to his character that he never stopped trying to find it. He made mistakes, and as tragic and devastating as their consequences were, he seemed to take upon himself the burden of atoning for them when lesser men would just make excuses. And while I certainly don't condone his actions at Chappaquiddick, I do admire his personal and public struggle for redemption.

For me, the most touching moment of the remembrance of Ted Kennedy was the eulogy given by his son Edward M. Kennedy, Jr. Sometimes I wonder if I have a heart of stone, but even I was choked up by this incredibly moving speech. The image of a 12-year-old Teddy Jr., whose leg was amputated due to bone cancer, being aided up a snow-covered hill by his encouraging father is both heartwrenching and heartwarming.

So, we say good-bye to Teddy Kennedy, a dutiful public servant who bore the burden of the Kennedy expectations and tragedies just by virtue of living. Now, he can finally rest in peace.

Now that I've gotten the sentimental stuff out of the way (leave it to me to kill the mood, but I hate to end with such sadness), let's dive head first into the shallow end of the pool. (I know, I know, this entire blog is basically an adventure in being shallow. So sue me!) Who knew young Teddy Kennedy was so attractive?! JFK gets all this attention for being so handsome, but, in my humble opinion, Teddy was the best-looking Kennedy brother. I present the following as visual evidence (as always, click on the images to make them bigger):

Let's all say it together: DAMN!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009: Children Are Our Future

This one's for the kiddies! Yes, it's that time of year. Back to school! There are a ton of really adorable preppy clothes out there and they deserve some recognition.

Brooks Brothers:

Cotton Collegiate Cardigan

Prepare for the collegiate style early! The boys sweater collection from Brooks this season is definitely my favorite.

Shetland Argyle Sweater

Oh, argyle! How I adore thee. I also love this color scheme. My grandmother has been telling me that gray is in very this season. Hee! I don't know where she picked that tidbit up, but it looks good to me!

Shetland Vintage Tennis Sweater

Sullivan Jacket

I like this. It has a more casual feel than a long trench, which I think suits a little boy.


Button-Down Gingham Shirt

Lately, I've been really into checks on button-downs. This would go with practically anything.

Cotton-Cashmere Cardigan"

Two-Button Schoolboy Blazer

Canvas Barn Jacket

Great casual jacket. Very outdoors. Reminds me of something out of an L.L.Bean catalog.

Broken-in Chino

Chukka Sperry Top-Sider

J.Crew must have a deal with Sperry because I keep seeing them for sale on the J.Crew site.

MacAlister Boot

This jumped out at me. It seems so adorably old fashioned. It's simple and it works.

Blundstone Boot

Teacher's Pet Cardigan

Academy Peacoat

Ruffle Trench

The ruffles add a quintissential girly feel to this trench.


Goose Down Vest

I love a good down vest. They're so warm and versatile.

Mountain Pile Fleece

This just looks so comfortable and warm!

Solid Rugby Shirt

Striped Rugby Shirt

Polka Dot Cardigan

Argyle Cardigan

Warm-Up Hooded Jacket

Down Jacket

This color combination is so striking. They complement each other well.

Lilly Pulitzer:

Printed Tie

Franny Fleece Quilted Jacket

Recess Backpack

This backpack is quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen. How cute would a kindergartner look with this? I think the answer is obvious.

Smart Cookie Backpack"


South Lake Rugby

A little different look than a traditional rugby.

Reversible N83 Hoodie

J-Class Nylon Jacket

I love Nautica's jackets. They look perfect for a rainy day.

Striped Fleece Hoodie

Sweet hoodie with a nautical twist.

J-Class Bomber Jacket

Reversible Scuba Jacket

Ralph Lauren:

Blake Plaid Cotton Twill Shirt

Is that a madras-style print I see?! Love.

Fair Isle Vest

I know you've seen a vest like this before. I can't help it. I blame it on my Norwegian heritage. See?

Varsity Cardigan

This reminds me of the last act in Grease when Danny comes to the carnival in a letterman's sweater to win Sandy back.

Zip Mockneck

Reversible Down Vest

Wool Blazer

This blazer is sharp.

Camel Hair Jacket

I'm in love with this jacket. So sophisticated and stylish for a little boy!

Short Sleeve Oxford

Short sleeves makes it less bulky when layering with sweaters.

Oxford Shirt Dress

Cable Knit Cardigan

Crested Blazer

There's also an adult version of this gorgeous jacket that I pulled for a future post. I love the detailing.

Crested Chino Blazer

Reversible Down Vest

Vineyard Vines

Sails Graphic Pocket T-Shirt

Basic t-shirt, but I think it's so cute.

Holyoke Gingham Whale Shirt

Sailor Sweater

Anchors Canvas Club Belt

Nor'easter Jacket III

I love these jackets. It's listed as a boys item, but it could work for girls too.

Rainbow Whale Jumper

So adorable.

Genevieve Cardigan

Vail Vest

I have a North Face vest very similar to this and I just love it. It's incredibly warm.

Ferry Boat 1/4 Zip Fleece

I love a good fleece in the fall.

Whew. That was quite a long post! There is just so much out there for kids. Just in time for back to school.