Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Brooks Brothers

The time has come for the final installment of Brooks Brothers' Spring 2009 collection. We've seen the Country Club and Resort lines. So, finally, here's the main line.

As usual, let's start with some Brooks' ads:


Three-Quarter Sleeve Argyle Sweater

I love this take on traditional argyle. It's modern and classic. The pink and white really works for me.

Stripe Short Sleeve Shell and Cardigan

This is my favorite sweater from all of Brooks' spring collections. It's navy (my favorite color), nautical-inpsired, and clean.

Tonal Floral Silk Dress

I really can't adequately describe just how much I love this dress. It's just gorgeous! The color, the cut, the pattern. Perfection.

Silk Chiffon V-Neck Dress

Classy little black dress. I love the floaty-ness of the skirt.

Golden Fleece and Canvas Flag Totes

I love large handbags, so I tend to be drawn toward totes and these are wonderful.

Argyle V-Neck Sweater

There's little that makes me happier than Carolina blue argyle!

BB#1 Repp Tie

Ah, the classic repp tie! This is the tie I bought for my brother for his birthday. I think it's gorgeous. I love the colors and it really pops with an oxford, sport coat, and pair of khakis.

Jumbo Tattersall Sport Shirt

I've really love these bright, plaid button down shirts.

Tennis Vest

I'm completely loving the sporting sweaters this season.

Patchwork Plain-Front Shorts

Madras never gets old! It's so youthful and vibrant.

All in all, Brooks really impressed me this spring across the board. I thought all three of the collections were incredibly well done. Long live spring!

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