Friday, January 23, 2009

More on the Snoguration!

See what I did there? Snow + Inauguration = Snoguration!


This week the South shut down (as usual) once the big, bad snow arrived! Well, parts of North Carolina and Virginia did anyway. (Aside: Can we even consider Virginia and North Carolina Southern states anymore since they went Democratic in the election? Have the other Southern states voted us out yet?) It never ceases to amaze me how Southerners freak when even the tiniest flurry is predicted. (They clearly did not spent their childhood Christmas vacations in Cleveland much less stepped foot in Minnesota! Let me know when the snow is knee or even waist deep!) Chapel Hill was no exception. In all fairness, this was a lot of snow (for the South). We got about 4-5 inches. That's more than I've seen around here in years. So, this time, closings were necessary given buying two dozen snow plows is not a practical application of local capital in North Carolina.

So when the snow started coming down Monday night, my roommate and I were sure, given the weather forecast, the university would close on Tuesday. Can't have students walking or commuting to campus in a Southern blizzard! So when we awoke Tuesday morning to check the administration's decision, we discovered that the University hates us and we would not be sleeping in. I know! So we (begrudgingly) slid walked to campus. It was ridiculous. Only once we were in our 8:00am class did the University send people to shovel snow and spread salt. You know, after we already risked our lives getting to class. Then, to top it off, the University decided to cancel classes starting at 3:30pm. 3:30! That's in the afternoon! What's wrong with this school?! I was pissed. Apparently, I wasn't the only disgruntled one.

Anyway, here are some snapshots I took of the Snoguration (including a massive snowball fight and the hundreds of people who watched the big event in the Great Hall), the only good thing to come out of the University's indecisiveness.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration (and Snow!) Day

Like every other soul on the planet, I watched Barack Obama officially become the President of the United States this afternoon. In Chapel Hill, the event was marked by lovely snowfall. I watched with hundreds of my fellow students in the Student Union on campus. It was electric, historic, and I was proud to be a part of it.

Congratulations and welcome to the White House, Mr. President.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now They're Having a Sale!

In my last fashion post, Vineyard Vines wasn't having its winter sale. And since that was sort of the theme of my whole post, I decided not to include it. But since I last reported all has changed and Vineyard Vines is having quite the sale: up to 60% off. So, let's check out the best deals, shall we?

Bubblefish Classic Tote (Sale: $74.99, Reg.: $95.00)

The ribbon in this bag is the bubblefish pattern, but it also comes in buoys, cacti, King crab, and stars. The ribbon also comes in a variety of colors. The bags come in two sizes. The one above is the large/regular/"classic" version, but it also comes in a mini version.

UNC Letters Classic Tote (Reg.: $95.00)

This tote is part of VV's collegiate collection. It isn't on sale, but I had to put it in here since I love it. Who doesn't love to represent their school on a lovely tote?!

The Susie Fit Polo (Sale: $42.99, Reg.: $62.00)

This is VV's nice slim-fit polo featuring the whale logo. Clean and classic.

Evergreen Striped Snappy Shirt (Sale: $59.99, Reg.: $99.00)

This crisp dress shirt would make any outfit look professional and put together.

Soundbeach Sateen Pants (Sale: $55.99, Reg.: $155.00)

I love this color. It just pops.

Lazy Pants (Sale: $29.99, Reg.: $55.00)

VV's pajama pants are adorable and they come in a variety of patterns. This pair is called "Maritime Christmas" as seen in the close-up.

They also have "Santa's Little Helper" (adorable!),

"On the Ropes" (my favorite),

and "Under the Sea" (which is the same pattern as Bubblefish on the Classic Tote).

All in all, not too bad. But what about the men, you ask? Well, here's what I found.

Heathered Cotton-Cashmere 1/4 Zip Sweater (Sale: $79.99, Reg.: $185.00)

Love the color. It comes in other colors as well and even in a wool version (same prices.

Anchors Shetland Wool Sweater (Sale: $79.99, Reg.: $185.00)

It's pretty bold, but I think it's great for a casual winter day. There's also one for boys.

Baby-Wale Corduroy Pants (Sale: $59.99, Reg.: $98.50)

Gotta love classic, khaki cords!

Flannel Lounge Pants (Sale: $34.99, Reg.: $65.00)

This is the lacrosse head pattern as seen in the close-up above. They also come in a football pattern and a fishbones pattern (which also come in pink!), both below.

Skis Boxers (Sale: $14.99, Reg.: $24.50)

Having just returned from my ski trip, these caught my eye.

Ah, but I haven't forgotten the children! They are our future, after all.

Girls' Bunny Slop Fair Isle Sweater (Sale: $29.99, Reg.: $65.00)


Girls' Admiral Pants (Sale: $24.99, Reg.: $55.00)

I love the nautical look of these. Tiny pants for a tiny sailor!

Girls' Harvest Wrap Skort (Sale: $34.99, Reg.: $49.50)

A sweet skort with an anchor print.

Boys' Anchor Fair Isle Sweater (Sale: $29.00, $65.00)

How adorable with the matching girl's sweater!

Boys' Chilmark Corduroys (Sale: $29.99, Reg.: $55.00)

Great cords for your little man!

Boys' Fisherman Pocket T-Shirt (Reg.: $25.00)

Yeah, this one's not on sale, but it was my favorite of the boys' t-shirts. You can find the sale ones here ($14.99-$23.99).

Well, wasn't that worth waiting for!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to School!

Well, another semester has started. My last as an undergrad. Crap. It doesn't get any better the more I say it. Sigh. Time for more pleasant things.

So, I was watching the American Idol auditions Wednesday night and who pops up but a former Clef Hanger! OK, so that's not how it happened, but I'd like to appear less Clef-stalker-ish (they're so dreamy!). I haven't actually followed American Idol in years, so my odds of just happening upon this gem live were unlikely. But, luckily, I got an email from someone who clearly loves me that former Clef Anoop Desai might be appearing on the audition show becuase he saw a brief clip in a promo. See how little it takes to peak my Clef-interest? Just the possibility of a Clef sends me running back to a show I abandoned forever ago. Long story short: Anoop was ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome! As I pretty much expected him to be. He sang beautifully and with personality. I had a minor issue with Simon calling his outfit "geeky." Ahem. Simon? In America, we call that look "preppy." Has he ever set foot on a college campus? Though, in all fairness, it was a bit borderline. Take that shirt, make it short-sleeved, add a pocket protector, tuck it in, and Simon's spot on. But, as it was, Anoop's look was casual and preppy. And we like that around here! No makeovers needed, thank you. Anyway, thanks to Anoop, I will be stuck watching American Idol this season. Damn those Clefs, their talent, and their gorgeousness. See what they do to me?!

Since this is turning out to be a school-themed post, um, can we quickly (I don't want to linger on the subject, it's so painful) talk about the men's basketball team? And a case of me speaking too soon. Yeah. What the hell?! Talk about a fall from grace. (I just realized that those last few sentences could also apply to my Carolina Panthers. Again, what the hell?! Disappointment is a nasty bitch!) Anyway, let's hope the Tar Heels get their ish together in time for the Big Dance.

P.S. I'm sitting here watching Jurassic Park III on TNT (my somewhat strange love of Jurassic Park is probably best saved for another post) and I just needed to put out into the world how much I love Sam Neill and William H. Macy. Because, well, they're awesome!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Confirmed: The Carolina Panthers Do Hate Me

2009 has been rough on me! First of all, it came entirely too fast. Tomorrow is already the first day of classes! What the hell?! But last night my Carolina Panthers sucked. Big time. Good thing I didn't bother going. How depressing would that have been? My brother did end up going and I felt a little bad for him, having to sit through such a wretched game in the rain. Oh well. Next year, right?

Not to be in a perpetual state of self-pity, a trait which I don't find attractive or amusing, but even Mother Nature hates me. It was unusually warm in the mountains last week for my ski trip. It was nice for the first few days. It wasn't very cold, but comfortable. The snow was a bit slushy, but not bad. Wednesday, however, that wench Mother Nature really had it out for me. Warm and the snow was melting! Nothing but ice and mud. Not exactly the best skiing conditions. Everything did turn around on Thursday. It had snowed all night and the snow machines were running. So, basically, only one day was bad, but I felt like bitching after that Panthers game.

And classes start tomorrow. My last undergrad semester. Uff da.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year! It's finally 2009, the year I graduate and have to figure out what to do with my life. So, obviously, here I am putting that off!

Tomorrow I leave for my ski trip. Yay for easy P.E. credits! Amazing how five days of skiing can accomplish what would otherwise take an entire semester. Gotta love it. And this semester (my last as an undergrad!), my roommate and I are taking scuba in preperation for our graduation cruise. So, hopefully, this semester will rock. Let's hope the professors keep the actual work to a minimum. Who wants to do real school work second semester senior year?! Nobody, that's who.

Anyway, I really don't have much to say, but I was thinking about how I haven't posted in a couple days so I thought I should say something. Maybe something will strike me soon.