Friday, May 15, 2009

Fresh From Key Largo!

I have made my triumphant return to my homeland (North Carolina) and I come back a certified scuba diver! Yay! The trip was great. So worth it. And flying over driving? Best decision ever (I know, I know, I've said that before. But I mean it!). Now I'm ready to leave for my cruise! We fly to San Juan tomorrow morning and the boat leaves Sunday. I can't wait, I'm so excited! The only problem is packing. I'm already busting the seams on my suitcase. I still need room for the things I plan to acquire on the trip! Grr! Damn airlines and their stupid paying for checked luggage ridiculousness. Oh, well. I'll keep working on it, I guess.

In other news, I graduated from college. Yes, it finally happened and, no, I'm still not sure about it. The graduation was great. Our commencement speaker, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was simultaneously insane and awesome. There were lots of mentions of the basketball championship (speaking of, this is completely unrelated, but totally worth checking out). I'm going to miss it. I just can't fathom my life without school. And lately it's really been starting to hit me that I will not be going to Chapel Hill in the fall. I guess I will technically still be a student since I'm enrolled in a graduate program, but still. It's not the same. We'll see how things go.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Think I'm Finally Ready To Talk About It

So, it's been over a week since that awful Wednesday evening when Anoop was kicked off America Sucks American Idol. It took a week of bitterness but I think I'm finally OK with it. Still not overly happy because when I think about that damn judge's save, I still get a little rage-y. But I've accepted it and I'm ready to move on. I know, that's what really matters. Anyway, Anoop seems to be taking it extremely well. His interviews have all been gracious and charming. I especially loved this one. It helped kickstart my healing process. So good for him! I hope he does well. Alright, I think that's enough of my melodramatics for now.

I did go to the Clef concert last Saturday. It was really good. Probably the best one I've been to, and I've been to every single one since I was a sophomore. They released their new CD, Twist. It's pretty great. I highly recommend it. You can check out a bunch of their performances on YouTube.

Also, Monday was the last day of classes and I attended the last class of my undergraduate career! So sad. I have one more exam for the semester and then...GRADUATION! I still have mixed feelings. The whole thing has been very bittersweet. I didn't realize when I came to Chapel Hill just how much I would love the town and the university. Well, it's been a great four years.

Now it's time for my cruise!