Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Nautica

Looks like this is my first Nautica post. How exciting! Now, Nautica is well known for men's apparel, but recently the clothing brand has branched out into women's wear and they've really been advertising it. Check it out (click to enlarge):

True to form, Nautica goes straight for a classic, nautical inspired look. And I just love it!

Although I didn't actually include children's clothing in this post, I just loved this ad:

How sweet. Now, to the clothes!

Embroidered Yachting Shirt

A nice twist on a classic oxford.

Striped Sailor Sweater


Cotton-Cashmere Anchor Sweater

I just love how this looks, the way the stripes are inverted to make an anchor.

Stonington Canvas Jacket

How adorable is this jacket?! Seriously, I don't think they make jackets any cuter than this! The color, the cut, the stripes, it's all working for me.

Montauk Halter Dress

I really like the modern pattern here. It gives a distinctly geometric feel even though it's the most classic nautical icon: the sailboat!

Striped Knit Pier Dress

I prefer the cut of this dress moreso than the pattern, but it's still cute.

French Terry Cotton Rugby

Just a great, nautical-inspired, rugby.

Coastal Mockneck Pullover

Perfect for a summer evening!

Cotton Twill Cargo Short

Nice casual cargo.

Not too bad for a first showing!

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