Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to School!

Well, another semester has started. My last as an undergrad. Crap. It doesn't get any better the more I say it. Sigh. Time for more pleasant things.

So, I was watching the American Idol auditions Wednesday night and who pops up but a former Clef Hanger! OK, so that's not how it happened, but I'd like to appear less Clef-stalker-ish (they're so dreamy!). I haven't actually followed American Idol in years, so my odds of just happening upon this gem live were unlikely. But, luckily, I got an email from someone who clearly loves me that former Clef Anoop Desai might be appearing on the audition show becuase he saw a brief clip in a promo. See how little it takes to peak my Clef-interest? Just the possibility of a Clef sends me running back to a show I abandoned forever ago. Long story short: Anoop was ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome! As I pretty much expected him to be. He sang beautifully and with personality. I had a minor issue with Simon calling his outfit "geeky." Ahem. Simon? In America, we call that look "preppy." Has he ever set foot on a college campus? Though, in all fairness, it was a bit borderline. Take that shirt, make it short-sleeved, add a pocket protector, tuck it in, and Simon's spot on. But, as it was, Anoop's look was casual and preppy. And we like that around here! No makeovers needed, thank you. Anyway, thanks to Anoop, I will be stuck watching American Idol this season. Damn those Clefs, their talent, and their gorgeousness. See what they do to me?!

Since this is turning out to be a school-themed post, um, can we quickly (I don't want to linger on the subject, it's so painful) talk about the men's basketball team? And a case of me speaking too soon. Yeah. What the hell?! Talk about a fall from grace. (I just realized that those last few sentences could also apply to my Carolina Panthers. Again, what the hell?! Disappointment is a nasty bitch!) Anyway, let's hope the Tar Heels get their ish together in time for the Big Dance.

P.S. I'm sitting here watching Jurassic Park III on TNT (my somewhat strange love of Jurassic Park is probably best saved for another post) and I just needed to put out into the world how much I love Sam Neill and William H. Macy. Because, well, they're awesome!

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