Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now They're Having a Sale!

In my last fashion post, Vineyard Vines wasn't having its winter sale. And since that was sort of the theme of my whole post, I decided not to include it. But since I last reported all has changed and Vineyard Vines is having quite the sale: up to 60% off. So, let's check out the best deals, shall we?

Bubblefish Classic Tote (Sale: $74.99, Reg.: $95.00)

The ribbon in this bag is the bubblefish pattern, but it also comes in buoys, cacti, King crab, and stars. The ribbon also comes in a variety of colors. The bags come in two sizes. The one above is the large/regular/"classic" version, but it also comes in a mini version.

UNC Letters Classic Tote (Reg.: $95.00)

This tote is part of VV's collegiate collection. It isn't on sale, but I had to put it in here since I love it. Who doesn't love to represent their school on a lovely tote?!

The Susie Fit Polo (Sale: $42.99, Reg.: $62.00)

This is VV's nice slim-fit polo featuring the whale logo. Clean and classic.

Evergreen Striped Snappy Shirt (Sale: $59.99, Reg.: $99.00)

This crisp dress shirt would make any outfit look professional and put together.

Soundbeach Sateen Pants (Sale: $55.99, Reg.: $155.00)

I love this color. It just pops.

Lazy Pants (Sale: $29.99, Reg.: $55.00)

VV's pajama pants are adorable and they come in a variety of patterns. This pair is called "Maritime Christmas" as seen in the close-up.

They also have "Santa's Little Helper" (adorable!),

"On the Ropes" (my favorite),

and "Under the Sea" (which is the same pattern as Bubblefish on the Classic Tote).

All in all, not too bad. But what about the men, you ask? Well, here's what I found.

Heathered Cotton-Cashmere 1/4 Zip Sweater (Sale: $79.99, Reg.: $185.00)

Love the color. It comes in other colors as well and even in a wool version (same prices.

Anchors Shetland Wool Sweater (Sale: $79.99, Reg.: $185.00)

It's pretty bold, but I think it's great for a casual winter day. There's also one for boys.

Baby-Wale Corduroy Pants (Sale: $59.99, Reg.: $98.50)

Gotta love classic, khaki cords!

Flannel Lounge Pants (Sale: $34.99, Reg.: $65.00)

This is the lacrosse head pattern as seen in the close-up above. They also come in a football pattern and a fishbones pattern (which also come in pink!), both below.

Skis Boxers (Sale: $14.99, Reg.: $24.50)

Having just returned from my ski trip, these caught my eye.

Ah, but I haven't forgotten the children! They are our future, after all.

Girls' Bunny Slop Fair Isle Sweater (Sale: $29.99, Reg.: $65.00)


Girls' Admiral Pants (Sale: $24.99, Reg.: $55.00)

I love the nautical look of these. Tiny pants for a tiny sailor!

Girls' Harvest Wrap Skort (Sale: $34.99, Reg.: $49.50)

A sweet skort with an anchor print.

Boys' Anchor Fair Isle Sweater (Sale: $29.00, $65.00)

How adorable with the matching girl's sweater!

Boys' Chilmark Corduroys (Sale: $29.99, Reg.: $55.00)

Great cords for your little man!

Boys' Fisherman Pocket T-Shirt (Reg.: $25.00)

Yeah, this one's not on sale, but it was my favorite of the boys' t-shirts. You can find the sale ones here ($14.99-$23.99).

Well, wasn't that worth waiting for!

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  1. Just got the Yacht Polo from their Georgetown store yesterday. very classy I must say. Complimets a pair of reds from Murrays very well ... obviously worn with the A/O sperrys.