Sunday, January 11, 2009

Confirmed: The Carolina Panthers Do Hate Me

2009 has been rough on me! First of all, it came entirely too fast. Tomorrow is already the first day of classes! What the hell?! But last night my Carolina Panthers sucked. Big time. Good thing I didn't bother going. How depressing would that have been? My brother did end up going and I felt a little bad for him, having to sit through such a wretched game in the rain. Oh well. Next year, right?

Not to be in a perpetual state of self-pity, a trait which I don't find attractive or amusing, but even Mother Nature hates me. It was unusually warm in the mountains last week for my ski trip. It was nice for the first few days. It wasn't very cold, but comfortable. The snow was a bit slushy, but not bad. Wednesday, however, that wench Mother Nature really had it out for me. Warm and the snow was melting! Nothing but ice and mud. Not exactly the best skiing conditions. Everything did turn around on Thursday. It had snowed all night and the snow machines were running. So, basically, only one day was bad, but I felt like bitching after that Panthers game.

And classes start tomorrow. My last undergrad semester. Uff da.

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