Friday, January 23, 2009

More on the Snoguration!

See what I did there? Snow + Inauguration = Snoguration!


This week the South shut down (as usual) once the big, bad snow arrived! Well, parts of North Carolina and Virginia did anyway. (Aside: Can we even consider Virginia and North Carolina Southern states anymore since they went Democratic in the election? Have the other Southern states voted us out yet?) It never ceases to amaze me how Southerners freak when even the tiniest flurry is predicted. (They clearly did not spent their childhood Christmas vacations in Cleveland much less stepped foot in Minnesota! Let me know when the snow is knee or even waist deep!) Chapel Hill was no exception. In all fairness, this was a lot of snow (for the South). We got about 4-5 inches. That's more than I've seen around here in years. So, this time, closings were necessary given buying two dozen snow plows is not a practical application of local capital in North Carolina.

So when the snow started coming down Monday night, my roommate and I were sure, given the weather forecast, the university would close on Tuesday. Can't have students walking or commuting to campus in a Southern blizzard! So when we awoke Tuesday morning to check the administration's decision, we discovered that the University hates us and we would not be sleeping in. I know! So we (begrudgingly) slid walked to campus. It was ridiculous. Only once we were in our 8:00am class did the University send people to shovel snow and spread salt. You know, after we already risked our lives getting to class. Then, to top it off, the University decided to cancel classes starting at 3:30pm. 3:30! That's in the afternoon! What's wrong with this school?! I was pissed. Apparently, I wasn't the only disgruntled one.

Anyway, here are some snapshots I took of the Snoguration (including a massive snowball fight and the hundreds of people who watched the big event in the Great Hall), the only good thing to come out of the University's indecisiveness.

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