Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Fashion 2009: Ralph Lauren (American Holiday)

It's winter time for Ralph Lauren. He's got two different winter collections this season and this one is "American Holiday," which takes on a "Ski Chic" theme. First, as always, some promotions.

I love this ad. I like the sleekness of the skirt contrasted with the texture of the sweater. That sweater is gorgeous, but I didn't see it anywhere on the Ralph Lauren website. Boo.

Now let's dig in.

Hyley Plaid Crest Shirt

Millbrook Plaid Western Shirt

Once again, plaid is on fire. This time it's in cooler winter colors.

Hand-Knit Lambswool Turtleneck

Chic, modern take on a traditional pattern.

Wool Intarsia Ski Sweater

This is so fun and over-the-top, I can't help but love it.

Wool Intarsia Reindeer Hat

Sun Valley Knit Cap

Slim Custom-Fit Cotton Plaid

More plaid. Lumberjacks everywhere rejoice.

Wool-Blend Mockneck Sweater

Hand-Knit Wool Toggle Sweater

I adore the rich colors on this.

Quilted Down Vest

Whale Wool Hat

Knit Reindeer Cardigan

The slight-ruffle collar gives this cardigan a certain sweetness. Perfect for a little girl.

Hand-Knit Snowflake Sweater

Cotton Fair Isle Sweater

Cable and Tartan Party Dress

Knit Snowflake Dress

These are so cute!

Ruffled Snowflake Mittens

Reindeer-and-Snowflake Scarf

Blake Cotton Twill Plaid

Suede Patch Flannel Workshirt

Plaid, plaid, everywhere!

Patchwork Sweater

The patterns in this sweater work well together, even if they are completely different.

Cotton Reindeer Sweater

Corduroy Princeton Sport Coat

Coming Soon: The other Ralph Lauren winter collection


  1. To me Ralph has always seemed over-commercialized. Their designs seem just too much. I feel like if I'm gonna be a walking billboard for somebody's products, then they should pay me rather than vice-versa.

  2. I tend to think of Ralph Lauren as more, I don't know, fashion-y, I guess, than the other brands I cover (I don't cover Lacoste because their web site doesn't allow me to save the pictures). Essentially, he is a fashion designer first (as opposed to a clothing merchandiser, which is how I would classify L.L.Bean, Brooks, Vineyard Vines, etc). His work tends to work within a preppy aesthetic but it's always fashion first. Does that makes sense?

    I would wager that most people think Ralph Lauren is the pinnacle of "preppy." He's not. But I do think he makes some really cute pieces. Though I agree it's definitely more commercialized.

  3. I'd say thats a good analysis of RL - But when talking about the "pinnacle" of what makes preppyness what it is... well I think that requires its own post! Yeah VV and B2 make quality clothing - but nothing can ever match your tartan or v-neck from your alma mater. Upturning the collar on a gator? mediocre. Upturning the collar on the summer polo from your respective non-public school... priceless. Of course clothing is really only a small part of being a prep...but I think that goes beyond the topic of this blog (which is one of the only non-tacky "preppy" blogs on the internet). B2 usually has a book on display called "how to be a gentleman" - maybe this would be an interesting topic for a post, though I know its more fashion based. Maybe how to mix drinks the preppy way? How to date the preppy way ...etc.

  4. "...which is one of the only non-tacky "preppy" blogs on the internet..."

    Thank you. I appreciate that. Part of how this started was seeing the, um, interesting?, takes on prepdom that saturate the Internet and I wanted to throw in my $0.02.

    I have wanted to branch out beyond fashion for a while, but I've had so little time this semester. It's so easy to post some pictures and comment on clothes that I've kind of fallen back on it. Also because that's how the whole thing started, so I stuck with it.

    I intended for the blog to be a kind of hodge podge of whatever was on my mind. Like today, I spent a ridiculous, er, significant, amount of time writing about my affinity for soap operas (when I should be studying for my final tomorrow). And I would like do some more "research" type things into the development and history of prep. That really peaks my interest. Once this last exam is over, I think I'll start diving headfirst into that. I'll just see where it takes me.