Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009: Vineyard Vines

So, I was going about my business yesterday (dealing with school, running errands ... the usual) when I went to get the mail and what did I find but the holiday Vineyard Vines catalogue. That's when it hit me. I really need to get that VV post up. It was like a sign from above! Or the VV marketing machine. Anyway, here it is (let's forget it's long after the week and a half I said it'd be, mmkay?).

Speaking of marketing, I'm taking a marketing class right now, so let's pretend that's the reason I love to look at ads and promotional materials.

Vineyard Vines makes me wish it was summer. But they do have some great fall looks.

Whale Embroidered Corduroy Skirt

Even in the picture this corduroy skirt looks soft. I love the bright colors popping against the navy.

Rope Plaid Tiller Skirt

Cute nautical twist on a traditional plaid.

Compass Rose Cami

I have a vision of this adorable camisole layered under a fall must-have: the solid cardigan.

Micro Gingham Madeline Shirt

Typically, I'm very wary of ruffles. I'm not overly girly in my personal style, so I tend to shy away from frilly ruffles. But, I really like the subtle ruffle detail on the cuff.

Harpin Ruffle Shirt

See above for the ruffle discussion. Again, I like this ruffle. I know these ruffled button downs are a bit trendy these days, but I'm OK with this one. It's not too overpowering. I also really like the color combination on this shirt.

Galley Hoody


Fair Weather Fair Isle Sweater

Great color combination. Love the anchors.

Vineyard Vest

I saw this in the catalogue. It looks so soft and warm.

Ship Shape Toggle Cardigan

A nice, thick cardigan. I like the wide collar.

Nor'Easter Jacket

This is a great jacket. It's been raining so much here the last few days that I've come to love it even more.

Long-Sleeve VV Sails Pocket T-Shirt

Just a T-shirt. But I like it.

It's that time of the Vineyard Vines post where I trot out all the gorgeous men's shirts. Enjoy.

Holyoke Gingham Murray Shirt

Brett Plaid Murray Shirt

I love how VV doesn't let a little thing like "fall" get in the way of bright spring colors.

Oak Plaid Tucker Shirt

Fleece 1/4-Zip

Puffer Vest

Ahhh, down.

2-Tone Nor'Easter Jacket

This jacket makes rainy days seem so much better.

It was worth the wait, no?

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