Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009: Ralph Lauren (Part 2)

Well, gang, this will be the last fall fashion post of 2009. This is the rest of Ralph Lauren's offerings for fall, which the company titled, "Fall Manor." The collection's got a great sporty, English countryside aesthetic, which Ralph Lauren is obviously going for in it's promotions.

Awww, doggie! Ahem. Clothes ... right. Carry on.

Suede Shoulder Patch Shirt

Taylor Tartan Crested Shirt

It seems like plaid's really on fire this fall and, from the looks of it, will continue to be so this winter. The red one with the suede patch is one of my favorite pieces for fall. I'm loving the silhouette. It's sleek and tailored. And the patch really gives it a little something extra. I'm not too crazy about that crest on the tartan, but I really like it otherwise.

Wool Cashmere Vest

This is such a great look. I like the pairing on the red plaid with this vest. It has a rugged vibe.

Leather-Patch Cable Crewneck

Words cannot adequately describe my love for this sweater. Sure, it's a basic cableknit sweater, but the color (I'm usually not a big fan of orange, but this shade is gorgeous and screams fall) and the added interest from the leather patch makes it so much more (I know, I know, that's a little dramatic, but go with me).

New Lady Riding Jacket

Grady Wool Herringbone Jacket

Cruz Suede Hacking Jacket

Ralph Lauren really delivered with his tailored jackets this season. These are gorgeous.

Carlotta Calfskin Bootie

Hazel High Heel Riding Boot

I love shoes. What girl doesn't?! Even if I would probably never actually wear these, they sure are pretty to look at.

Ricky French Calf Bag

Simple and tasteful.

Fair Isle Cotton-Cashmere Vest

See previous discussion on fair isle.

Leather Stable Coat


And, to borrow a phrase from a famous pig, that's all, folks! Let's all take a minute to mourn the vibrant fall colors and crisp weather.

Now it's time for winter!

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