Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009: Brooks Brothers

Yesterday, we took a peak at Brooks Brothers' foray into the past with their Mad Men collection. Today, we return to the present. Check it out. But, fair warning, this is Brooks Brothers and I'm not responsible for any argyle overloads.

Luckily for you, however, I'm in a great mood, I'll get the argyle over with first and spare you what will surely turn into my only commentary being "ARGYLE!11!!!1!" and "Love! Squee!" I know, I know. I'm so thoughtful. You're welcome.

OK, now on to the argyle-less portion of the post.

Silk Chiffon Printed Blouse

This feels a bit like a left over from summer. I like it. It's fun and flirty and I'm a fan of the pattern and color.

Spun Silk Sleeveless Shell and Cardigan

Spun Silk Three-Quarter Sleeve Sweater

These silk blend sweaters are so chic. I like the detail around the collar.

Cashmere Cable V-Neck and Crewneck Sweater

Like cardigans, a classic, cableknit sweater is another of my go-to items for fall. They're practical and stylish.

Merino/Silk/Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan

A sweet cardigan with an interesting collar this picture doesn't quite do justice. I also like the unique cable details on the body, another aspect this picture doesn't really capture well.

Saxxon Double-Breasted Sweater

And here is my favorite Brooks item this fall. What a gorgeous sweater. The cut, color, details are all perfection.

Merino Wool Full Milano Jacket

There's nothing as sharp as a sleek, well-cut jacket.

Short Quilted Jacket

I've seen a ton of these quilted jackets for the fall and this one is among my favorites. They have a tendency to look a bit boxy, but this one seems so tailored.

Single-Breasted Long Wool Coat

I like that this jacket is navy, rather than the standard-issue khaki.

Bold Tattersall Sport Shirt

This is very reminiscent of the Vineyard Vines Murray shirts, no? I approve.

Merino Tipped Cable Vest

I like the contrasting collar detail. I do love blue and yellow together!

Shetland Vintage Tennis V-Neck Sweater

Oh, I do love this sweater. And I like how it's styled here with the colors in the shirt and bow tie. That cream is a wonderful color.

Three-Button Sack 1818 Blazer

A traditional piece done so right.

Time for shoes and accessories!

Pleeted Peep Toe

A peep toe always livens up a classic pump.

Tassel Pump

Gotta love a heel that looks comfortable and is stylish. Even Brooks says this is basically a heeled loafer.

Tassel Pump 2.0

This is pretty much the same shoe I covered last year. But it's deserving of another mention. Yes, it's that awesome.

Winer Lover's Picnic Basket

So. Cute.


  1. Argyle is certainly classy, theres no doubt about that, but when has it become purely preppy? If you look back to the origins of the WASP culture and the NE style there was not much argyle - or at least it wasnt a focus of the wardrobe. Theres no mention of it in the classic Official Preppy Handbook! Argyle has more of its roots in the Rahs (RAHs) of Britan (who are in some ways pre-cursors to our American preppies). The Murray-esque shirt from B2 is certainly nice though.

  2. I suppose the status of argyle as historically preppy is shaky. I certainly don't argue that everything included in this blog fits into some ideal conception of the preppy style and culture. It's hard to make broad generalizations since no one fits perfectly into a stereotype. The blog's based on my personal style and background, which skews preppy.

    Also keep in mind that the Official Preppy Handbook, which I own and love, was written nearly 30 years ago. I would argue that argyle has been adopted into the WASP and prep cultures. I think most people have come to recognize it as being a fairly preppy pattern (whether it has been historically so or not), but I can only speak for myself.

    But, hey, whatever floats your boat. As for the Tattersall shirt, I agree. I'm thinking of getting one for my brother for Christmas.

  3. Certainly everyone is different thats the beauty of things. WASP culture is different from UNC I can assure you. Southern preppy has its own quirks and whatnot I can imagine (though I havent really experienced the southern preppies too much. Part of being preppy is keeping things the same generation after generation... but I agree with you that does not mean things can't be updated.

  4. some insights into the style of The Larry and Muffy (St. Lawrence).

  5. I'm sure there are regional differences. The Northeast (I imagine, I only spent one summer in Cape Cod/Boston, as we generally go to Hilton Head) is more traditional. Though my family is not originally from the South, I did grow up here and, as you noted, attended a southern university. So, I tend to exist in a strange hybrid of the North-South cultures. I might do more research on this for a future post.

    At first glance, those links look really interesting. I'll have to take a look at them more later, when school isn't dominating my life. As much, anyway.

  6. That would definately be an interesting post! There are so many nuances in preppy culture from North to South and East to West.