Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Vineyard Vines

I've saved Vineyard Vines for last because they had, by far, my favorite collection this spring. I think it may have something to do with the fact that, even out of all the great brands featured here, they most clearly understand "classic, casual prep," and that's what I like. I loved nearly everything they offered. Thus, the reason for this incredibly lost post (and the reason I've put off doing it!). Unfortunately, because VV had so much to offer, I couldn't cover it all so you should definitely check out the site. You will NOT be disappointed! So, here it is, the finale of Spring Fashion 2009!

Kelly Street Cable Sweater

I love the look of this classic cableknit. VV probably does the most perfect cableknit out there. They come in several great colors as well!

Oxford Sconset Shirt

University Stripe Sconset Shirt

These sconset shirts really jumped out at me. I love the way VV finds creative ways to incorporate its signature prints in its pieces.

Longshore Sailing Shorts

I love those deep pockets. Gives this pair of shorts a distinct look.

Classic Twill Shorts

These are the best, most versatile shorts around. They give a sense of casual without being sloppy. And they come in so many vibrant colors! Also, love the signature pattern belt here.

Signature Patchwork Shorts

God, I love these shorts! Again, it's wonderful how VV uses its signature patterns. They know they struck gold with them and they better use them! And that belt? Fabulous!

Sea Life Stonington Skirt

I'm such a sucker for this type of pattern.

Classic Twil Skirt

Like its cousin, the classic twill shorts, this is the ultimate skirt. So clean and classic.

Shippan Skirt

Again with the deep pockets.

Classic Seersucker Skirt

Like my fascination with madras, I adore seersucker in the summer.

Seersucker Reina Dress

More seersucker! But what I really like about this dress is the cut. The v-neck is great and the straps are adorable!

Vines Skylark Dress

This pattern is so sweet. It would make a lovely bridesmaids dress for an outdoor wedding.

Yacht Club Polo

A nice, subtle twist on a classic preppy staple.

Rigsby Check Murray Shirt

Worth Gingham Oxford Tucker Shirt

VV has so many great button-down shirts, there is no way I could possibly feature them all. So just know that these gorgeous shirts are just the tip of the iceberg. If you like what you see (or just want to see more), I strongly suggest you check out the entire collection.

Cotton Crewneck Sweater

Simple and lovely.

Cotton V-Neck Sweater

Look how well VV's button-down shirts go with this gorgeous sweater!

Nautical Twill Club Pants

Nothing beats a pair of khakis paired with a great boat shoe.

Girls Kelly Street Sweater

Not only does VV make the perfect cableknit sweater for adults, they also make it for children!

Girls Ocean View Cardigan

Sometimes great things come in miniature!

Girls Karen Shorts

Love the belt and cuffed hem.

Girls Turtle Toss Classic Shorts

How cute are these?!

Girls Polo Dress

I love a casual polo dress. So simple, yet so cute.

Girls Daisy Dress

Girls Seersucker Dress

Girls Sea Life Dress

OK, so, I was floored by how many adorable girls dresses there were! I wish they came in big girl sizes!

Boys Pocket T-Shirt

Something about that pocket gives this simple T-shirt a little something special. It also comes in a bunch of other colors.

Boys Mission Check Whale Shirt

Like the men, the boys collection featured a ton of gorgeous button-down shirts.

Boys V-Neck Sweater Vest

Boys Cotton Sweater

A couple of great sweaters.

Boys Lobster Seersucker Shorts

This lobster patterned seems to be popular for males at the VV headquarters this spring because they have a version for men. For women the theme was pink seahorses or blue sea turtles with a girls bermuda short and a skirt for women.

Well, that's it for Spring 2009! What did you think? Pretty awesome, no?

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