Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Fashion 2009: Ralph Lauren Runway Collection

I know I'm a little late with this, but I decided that since I plan on covering the spring fashions of my favorite lines, I should include Ralph Lauren's runway collection, which showed last fall in New York. The fall collection just showed at fashion week in New York, which I'll post after I finish the spring lines.

So, I've gathered all my favorite items from my favorite stores, so I'll post them whenever I get a chance over the next few days or so. These are just my favorite looks from the spring collection, you can find pictures of the whole collection here. The collection is just gorgeous. Ralph sticks to what made him famous - glamour, luxury, class - and the end result is exquisite. If you want to see the pictures in more detail, you can click on them to see their original (usually larger) size (same goes for all my posts). Well, let's take a look!

The theme of the show was exotic travels in Africa and this safari-inspired outfit was the opening look of the show. I love how the ruggedness of the blouse, hat and bag grounds the brightness of the pants. The show is essentially divided in three sub-themes and, in addition to opening the show, this look opens the safari theme that is dominated by neutral tones and cargo embellishments.

I seriously love that bag. I have this thing for large handbags and this one is gorgeous! Love the shorts and jacket.

Simple, chic gold dress.

One of the reasons I love fashion week (and high fashion in general) is the artistic license designers use in their effort to tell a story through clothes. It's fabulously over-the-top, which is the idea. I mean, I don't know many (or any, for that matter) people that would wear a turban, but that's not the point. It's artistic, it's telling a story, and it looks amazing in the context of the runway. Also, that canteen? Awesome! Nice touch.

This section moves from rugged to glamourous and features crips whites and creamy ivories. Keeping the brown embellishments make the white stand out. It looks so sharp.

These pants are a recurring theme that add fluidity to the show and keeps the show from being choppy by jumping between vastly different looks. They tie the whole line together.

That white trench is gorgeous. And where can I get that luggage?! Just beautiful.

I really liked this flowing dress, especially the ruching detail on the bodice.

Great detailing on the blouse.

I really love this blouse (dress?). And the African-inspired necklace really compliments the look.

By now you've probably realized that this section was my favorite considering how many pictures I posted. I just found it to be the embodiment of glamour and sophistication.

The last section moves into a decidedly Moroccan/North African/Saharan theme. Love the juxtaposition of black and gold in these looks. Again, that necklace is beautiful.

Great contrast between a basic little black dress and an exotic, intricate turban.

Great tailored suit and that little bit of gold popping out at the neck really makes the look.

The gold embellishment makes this otherwise average dress.

This was the final look and boy is it a showstopper. Great cut and color. The model (the flawless Ubah Hassan) looks gorgeous, her skin glows next to the gold fabric. Again, the detail in the turban is wonderful. Ubah Hassan and Valentina Zelyaeva (the model in the opening look) are also the faces of Ralph Lauren and their opening and closing looks are (were, I suppose, since this collection came out months ago) featured in the spring campaign. Check them out (click to enlarge):

Makes you want to hop on a plane to Africa, doesn't it?!

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