Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random News

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers! I didn't really care who won this game. Seriously, I was completely indifferent. I didn't know there were still two NFL teams left that I didn't either love, like or completely hate! Discover something new every day!

Anoop made it to the second round in Hollywood on American Idol!

In other Chapel Hill-related news, it's snowing! Yes, again! That's two significant snows this winter. Amazing! Let's hope the university administration can make a reasonable decision about how to handle such foreign weather this time.

Perhaps most importantly, many of my favorite stores are having big winter sales! J. Crew (still soaring after their success with the Obama girls), Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean, and Brooks Brothers (70% off select women's shoes!).

Of course, winter sales mean these stores are coming out with their spring lines! Hopefully, I'll get around to covering those when I have more time. Until then!

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