Saturday, December 20, 2008

ABC Hates Me

How is it that shows like Rules of Engagement, According to Jim, and Grey's Anatomy (you read that right, Grey's hasn't been interesting in two years and it's officially jumped the shark!) continue to pollute the airwaves, yet quality television programming gets the ax?! Why am I in such despair? You see ABC, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to cancel two of my shows. I know! The nerve! So, it is with deep sadness that I bid them farewell.

RIP Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money. I will cherish your few remaining episodes.

Pushing Daisies: You were a whimsical wonderland. Every episode made me smile from the sheer cuteness that radiated from my television screen. OK, also because of the hotness of Lee Pace as Ned the Piemaker. I will miss your quirky ways and your awesomely obscure references. I will never again wonder if Ned and Chuck will accidently bump into each other while rounding a corner. No longer will Emerson's greed, cynicism, and mastery of one-liners give me joy. Finally, Olive. Oh, Olive and her unrequited love for Ned. I will miss her spunk and apparent aversion to crewnecks.

Dirty Sexy Money: I didn't watch a second of season one, but ended up being sucked into this show this fall since it came on after Private Practice (yes, I watch that mess, don't judge!). It is pure soapy goodness. A guilty pleasure done right. It's what should have been the Dallas or Dynasty of this generation. It did soap better than every single one of the daytime dramas. And believe me, I'm no stranger to daytime. Judging! Stop! What will fill the void in my life for delicious soapy drama?! Well, you know, other than the ├╝ber-awesome Gossip Girl? And the sometimes-awesome, but really more hit-or-miss Desperate Housewives? Isn't it enough that daytime is currently circling the drain? Why get rid of one of the good bits of soap in my life? Why have you slighted me again, soap gods?!

Serves me right, I suppose. After the loss of my beloved Men in Trees, I knew I shouldn't trust ABC. Fool me once...

Oh, but before I go I should mention that there is one bright spot on ABC. And that is the wonderful American adaptation of the British drama Life on Mars. I was vaugely familiar with Jason O'Mara because of his brief appearance in Band of Brothers (I'm a sucker for nearly anything WWII-related), but I forgot just how smoking hot he was until this show thrust itself into my life by being fortunate enough to take the timeslot after Grey's Anatomy. Finally, something good came from my roommate continuing to watch that drivel! So ABC gets some credit for keeping his beautiful face on my television screen. If you don't watch this show, watch it. Please! After all ABC has done to me, I don't think I could handle losing Jason O'Mara this show from my life too!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to see a professional for my over-attachment to these shows.

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